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About Us

Experts in Home & Business Burglar Proofing. Certified Professional Window Tinters. We install Door Reinforcement Devices, Window Security Film that can deter or prevent intruders from easily gaining entry into your property. Home & Business Window Tinting for Solar Protection, Privacy, Decorative Window Tinting, and Anti-Graffiti Film. We help you protect your loved ones and your home for a fraction of the cost of cameras and expensive alarm systems. Call for a free consultation!  

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Business & Home security
Installation of door reinforcement devices
Home & business window tinting

Our Services

– Experts in Business and Home Security with over 29 years of experience

Cameras and Alarm systems are not your first line of defense! Why let them in and hope they can be identified from a video or apprehended by the police IF they arrive on time? Feel safe while at home and confident your valuables are secure while you are away! Deter and prevent the bad guys from getting in altogether and stealing your sense of security! Call today and don’t wait for it to happen!

Home and Business Window Tinting Raleigh

– Certified Professional Window Tinters –

Lower the cost of your energy bill. Protect your Furniture, Flooring and Fabrics from harmful Sun UV Rays with our top of the line, quality window film!

Standard Film

This is what having the wrong tint/film on your windows looks like. Enjoy the benefits of solar control during the day without the annoyance of nighttime interior reflections. Check out our Optivision line of solar control films and see for yourself what quality window film looks like and it’s overall benefits!

Optivision Window Films:

♦ Reduce nighttime interior reflections
♦ Block out unwanted solar heat.
♦ Screen out 99% of harmful UV rays.
♦ Enhance the beauty of any home or business.
♦ Help protect against fading of furnishing and flooring.

Our Happy Clients

Finally, I have peace of mind! They came to my home and fully assessed my vulnerable areas of entry, recommended several preventive measures and we decided on the protective glass film and other door safety enhancements. They arrived on time, did a wonderful job (plus cleaned my windows inside and out!) vacuumed and cleaned the work area. You would never know they were there. A real pro and now I know my home is safe.”

Denise Pagano

“Extremely professional and clean job. Attention to detail is remarkable. Very organized from start to finish and completed on schedule!”

Rajeev Verma (Cary, NC)